Wine Rack


I went through several designs for this wine rack before I got started.  Any thing that will handle the weight of 20+ bottles of wine has to be strong.  The first version was too large with a 40+ bottle capacity so I downsized the design to be more practical in the average persons house.

The first version was to large for practical use

I had versions using bottle grids and X members.  I decided on the X member design for it versatility.  Then I decided to make the case have a face frame of contrasting wood.

Final Design


As with many of my projects, three different types of wood were used.  Strong 3/4 in birch plywood for the case, black walnut for the X member, and hard maple for the face frame.  I used biscuits on the mitered corner of the case and added few screws to help reinforce the corners.  The walnut X woods interlocked with half-lap joints.  And I used pocket screws to construct the maple face frame.

Case glue up

One change from the original design was to paint the case with a black lacquer instead of staining.  I used a black dye to stain the inside of the case.

Gloss black paint outside, flat stain inside

After the outside was finished I was able to fit the free floating black walnut X woods.

Dry fitting the X members

I then cut the maple face frame to fit the case and provide a way to lock in the X members.

Final dry fit

I applied a 45 degree chamfer to outside of the face frame to remove the sharp edges.

Face frame detail

After the final glue up I applied several coats of wipe on polyurethane to the walnut and maple parts.  I then attached a french cleat to allow the case to be wall hung if desired.

Final glue up